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My feet stumbled over each other as he plowed through bystanders, children, other animals, all the while wagging his tail. I cursed at myself as I continued my embarrassing jog. Mosby belonged to my elderly neighbor, Mrs. Kim, who had sprained her ankle and could no longer take Mosby on his regular morning walks. The thought had occurred to me, considering that Mosby was about as old as Mrs. Kim in dog years, that maybe, a short, slow walk would suffice around the block, but nothing could quench his hunger for adventure. We had taken about fifteen turns and I no longer recognized the area we were in. I was hopelessly holding on to the idea that he would get tired and need to take a break eventually, giving me enough time to pound my address back into google maps to find our way home, but that time had not come. I wiped at the sweat accumulating on my brow and groaned at the feeling traveling up my calves.

Bts & Got7 dating Scandals

I hope you like it, anon! A few sweet kisses from Jackson turns into something a little more heated. You squirmed a bit, embarrassed to have his eyes so focused on your face.

Originally posted by gsvnrewind – once he saw you, he had to talk to you – best friends in the matter of days – cute nicknames even before you started dating.

You and Mark were meeting up after a show when you saw him walking with that girl again. The same girl you two had just fought about no less than 2 days ago. Every time you saw them together they seemed closer and closer even though Mark insisted that she was just a fan. Why do you always have to be such a narcissistic prick? Your next few interactions sounded like a conversation between a bunch of kids on xbox live. Name calling, low blows, things that should never be said between two people who claimed to love each other.

You went to go apologize to Mark, maybe your jealousy had just gone too far. You use your spare key to open his door, only to find him on the couch, half naked, with no one else but the girl who had caused the fight in the first place. This was the fight to end all fights.

Dating Jackson Wang, there will be:

A couple minuets passed by and the door to the dressing room slowly opened, all the laughter from the various groups and the discussions between producers from the other side of the door came flooding in. The voices of multiple guys met your ears as they entered the room. You managed to compose yourself and calm down a bit. Being part of their staff team it meant you got to know them very well and found out all their little quirks and habits.

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Usually it is very loud. Since day one, everything was loud because you were the one who dared to touch a fatty puffy worm and place it in your hand. How unfortunate or fortunate your choice, you could hear it. You seem scared to me! Jackson hesitantly took a step back, eyes widened at the creature, then shot up to you. This cheeky side of you stunned him, especially the way you bit the corner of your bottom lip in mischief. In one swift movement, the hot boy swung his backpack in front of him as a shield.

Who would have known the almighty Jackson was afraid of a little creature like this. Jackson, on the other hand, was still in a daze. This was the first time he felt intimidated by a girl, a brave beautiful girl. You know, I might throw something even scarier to your face!

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Loss- Jackson Wang Scenario Hello everyone! I wrote this scenario when I was suffering from a loss in my family earlier this year and I felt like I had no one there for me helping to get through that tough time so I kind of like just ended up with this I guess. Let me know if anyone thinks there should be a part 2 though I would be happy to turn this into a happy ending or just continue with my idea!

So when she got the news, she cried, and cried and cried.

“It’s a date Jackson dates normal don’t include friends unless it’s a double date ” “BUT IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN Y/N!” In the end you’d probably end up .

With the way KPOP was becoming more and more popular in the States, it seemed like the first Americans were starting to become proud of knowing that some of their own were out there in this industry and actually being successful as well Mark was one of these people. And he should have known that the question of his girlfriend would come up and that the person who interviewed him would be way nosier than the Korean interviewers were.

That was what he had promised you, as soon as the news about him dating had started going around. Can you tell us anything more about her? The only good thing was that no one knew who it was, that he was dating. And he was planning on keeping it that way, not only to respect your privacy, but to keep you safe from any possible harmful words as well.

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The neighbors already were used to you two fighting. It was dark outside and you were wearing only a cardigan, wanting to go inside finally. But Jackson had a long discussion planned instead. Yes, I broke up with you but we are still close.

Jackson Wang as a Boyfriend -Both in Personality and Zodiac. Jackson is an Aries -Jackson being cute and feeding you “Baobei! Open wide you need to be healthy! Never skip a meal!” -As an Aries.

You have an overly possessive boyfriend who made you ignore your best friend and longtime crush Jackson. I Missed You Pairing: Why did he have to keep trying? In an attempt to push your problems away, you closed the app and threw your phone to the other side of the couch. Tears prickled your eyes as the phone kept buzzing and only spilled when the buzzing finally stopped. You jumped out of your sadness when the doorbell rang, making you quickly wipe your tears during your walk to the door.

However, you burst out in a new set of tears when the opened door revealed who was standing behind it. The feelings, the pain. Everything that you had been trying to ignore, that your boyfriend had tried to make you ignore, rushed back and added to what you were already feeling.

Ambitions ||| Jackson Wang Fanfiction (Hiatus)

On this blog I will make all of your Kpop fantasies come to life. Please leave a request! I hope you enjoy the stories I write!

Dating Jackson Wang Would Include: •Lot’s of skinship •I mean it •Cuddles 25/8 •He needs to be the center of attention •Would get all pouty if you paid attention to the other members and not.

The apartment was dead silent as you walked over the hardwood floor in your favorite fuzzy socks as it was colder on the nights you spent on your own. The warmest spot was under the covers you were used to share in bed with another, but you had to endure it for now. As you walked into the illuminated kitchen, you zipped up the collar of the sweatshirt to the bottom of you jaw to keep the cold air off your neck. His scent was indescribable, but irreplaceable.

It gave you more comfort and relaxation than your favorite store-bought scented candle did; his scent reminded you of home. You liked how he would smell after he showered and would slide under the covers when you were already comfortable and wrap his arms and a leg around your body as he held you like a body pillow. Knowing that you liked his cologne too, he would spray you with it and watch you as you slowly grew irritated with him and he would turn aegyo thinking that you looked cute when you were mad.

You rolled up your sleeves to hand wash the dishes to give yourself something to do. You smiled at the memory of him prancing his way over behind you and hold you with his muscular arms tight around your waist to do nothing but tell you how beautiful you were and how much he adored you in your ear. However, you were stuck doing dishes without such pleasures. Jackson Wang, a member of the popular group GOT7, owned the pullover you have been sleeping in since he left.

Fluff Kingdom

Jackson Imagine – Falling Ft. Dating Jackson Wang was good. You loved it and you loved him. Mark made butterflies flutter in your stomach and you hated it. You were supposed to be in love with Jackson and not having feelings for his best friend.

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Our usually quite baby will chose this time to completely open up about his feelings to you. He would talk to you about this for hours to make sure you understand. This past week I was a wreck without you to talk to. Just please talk to me again. He would be pissed. He had given you space when you stopped talking to him because he thought you needed to sort out your feelings before coming back to him.

Not having any of this shit. He will not leave until you talk to him. Originally posted by jypnior Youngjae: He would let you go as devastated as he was until you decided to try and talk to him again. If you do try and talk to hi again, he will be sad still but also a little bitter. You might just single-hadedly destroy my career. Bitter but also mad af. You decided to work it out and see where it went.

Got7’s Jackson act as a boyfriend then apologized that he was late for the date 😤 he’s so good 😍