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Trinidad and Tobago lost the first match at home 1—2, but bounced back to win the away leg in Bermuda 2—0 to progress to the third round 3—2 on aggregate. Trinidad and Tobago progressed to the Fourth Round by placing second in the group with eleven points from six games. The Fourth Round was also played in a home and away format among the six teams involved. Qualification quickly turned disastrous for Trinidad and Tobago as they tied 2—2 with El Salvador after leading 2—0. They would then tie 1—1 with Honduras following a late-strike. However, three consecutive losses to the United States, Costa Rica, and Mexico found the Soca Warriors bottom of the Hexagonal with two points from their first five matches. In their sixth match, they recorded their first win of the round by defeating El Salvador 1—0. However, the victory was short lived as they suffered losses to Honduras and the United States the following month; ending their hopes to qualify for the World Cup. The Soca Warriors defeated Bermuda 1—0 and Bardados 2—0 in their first two matches to earn a full six points. However, on 7 October , Trinidad and Tobago lost away to Bermuda in Devonshire Parish 2—1 to hurt its chances of advancing to the Third Round of qualification.

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Yes, people dance and party in the streets for two days straight. People let loose for weeks before the dancing and partying in the streets on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. And yes, love it or hate it, it is a uniquely Trinidadian experience you are unlikely to forget. In the early afternoon, traditional Carnival characters take the spotlight in Port of Spain.

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My experience in Tobago 24 Oct , We stayed at the Rex Turtle Beach resort. I posted a review under the hotel, so won’t repeat that here. But, in hopes that some people might find my experiences informative, I am posting some general comments. The island is beautiful. Driving along the coast is just one scenic overlook after another. The beaches are lovely. We snorkeled in 4 different spots and while the coral wasn’t stellar, the variety of fish is fantastic.

The vast majority of the people we met were friendly, helpful, and welcoming. We had some great meals at local restaurants. We did some tours and we also rented a jeep for 2 days and did some exploring on our own.

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While Guyana may not hold a great diversity of birds compared with western S American countries, it does have large populations of many birds that are rare elsewhere including Grey-winged Trumpeter, White-winged Potoo, Rufous-winged Ground Cuckoo and Harpy Eagle all really good to see. We also like Manakins and Toucans of which we could also see some new species.

The time of year chosen reflected the best times for breeding birds as it was the start of the wet season.

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Natural history of Trinidad and Tobago The island of Trinidad has a rich biodiversity. There are about species of mammals including the Guyanan red howler monkey, the collared peccary , the red brocket deer , the ocelot and about 70 species of bats. Reptiles are well represented, with about 92 recorded species including the largest species of snake in the world, the green anaconda , the spectacled caiman , and one of the largest lizards in the Americas, the green iguana.

The largest of turtles the leatherback turtle nests on Trinidad’s eastern and northern beaches. There are 37 recorded frog species, including the tiny El Tucuche golden tree frog , and the more widespread huge cane toad. About 43 species of freshwater fishes are known from Trinidad, including the well known guppy. It is estimated that there are at least 80, arthropods, and at least species of butterflies.

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It imports about four-fifths of the oil it uses, and natural gas reserves-the state’s key energy earner-continue to fall steeply. It’s vital that the country find new hydrocarbon resources to plug this gap, and we think large reserves of oil sands offer an answer. The government is aware of the problem. To stop the decline its aim is to oversee a rise in conventional oil output.

It estimates, for example, that the country’s deep waters could hold between 3. Oil and gasfields found in deep-water areas off Trinidad’s eastern and northern coasts hold much potential, and old reservoirs in the Central and Southern Basin could also be revived.

Oct 02,  · Retain fuel subsidy. By George Alleyne October 03, – The announcement of the removal of Value Added Tax (VAT) on food items which still bore it, save for luxury items such as caviar and alcoholic beverages, with the inference that it would effectively bring down the cost of living, was an unfortunate joke.

As I had been hovering above life birds for some time, I chose Trinidad and Tobago as offering a decent chance of yielding the thirty-three lifers needed to bring the list to the symbolic threshold. Although the region has a fantastic diversity of birds, the great majority were already familiar to me from prior visits to Central and South America. I underestimated the wide distribution of habitats I would need to visit on Trinidad to pursue the new species on the island, and difficulties cropped up during my one day of birding on Tobago, such that I did not quite reach my goal.

Nevertheless, it was a great trip and a welcome respite from work. In the following account birds are identified by their common names with scientific names in parentheses. Life birds are presented in capitals. After the first sighting of a species I will not mention further sightings unless they are notable in some manner, thus avoiding tiresome repetition of common birds such as Great kiskadee and Bananaquit. At the airport I connected with the rental car company after some confusion, and then due to problems with my overprotective credit card company, had to spend an entirely unreasonable amount of time on the phone at 1 a.

I finally reached a hotel right by the airport, got a room, and hit the bed near 2: The airport was so full people were taking turns breathing. A word to the wise if you visit Trinidad: By the time I hit the road the morning rush was over and I made very good time going east on the main highway. In Valencia I discovered how unfortunate it would have been to drive the road in darkness.

Forewarned by the cautious maneuver of a truck in front of me, I slowed down just as an all-but-invisible unreasonable dip in the road appeared before me.

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He includes the key active constituents and health and nutritional values, as well as warnings entailed by their use. While his coverage is not limited to Trinidad and Tobago, all of the plants he describes grow here and are part of its medicinal plant heritage. Information from an earlier work Seaforth is incorporated to bring the total plants investigated to seventy-two species. Together, Lans, Mahabir, Seaforth and Wong list a total of different species table The inventory in table Taxonomic names can provide more convenience than rigor, hence the appearance of plants with two or more Latin binomials, which results from their being classified differently by different taxonomists for a myriad of reasons.

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The Carnival festivities start just after Christmas and continues until Ash Wednesday-loaded with dozens of high energy parties and premier cultural competitions. Later in the day on Monday and all day on Carnival Tuesday, thousands of masqueraders flood the streets throughout the islands in bold, colourful costumes, dancing through the parade routes to the exhilarating sounds of soca, steelpan and calypso music.

From its diverse people and culture to its amazing biodiversity, Trinidad and Tobago breaks the mould of the typical Caribbean destination. These islands boast a year-long calendar of cultural events and festivals on both islands, friendly, multi-ethnic people and amazing opportunities for eco-adventure: Then, you can collect your costumes just before the festival. Many Carnival Bands are all-inclusive, which means on Carnival day, food and drinks and other amenities are provided.

There are also package deals for the J’Ouvert, but remember to book early! What are the major Carnival events? Recognized as the pre-eminent steel band competition in the world, Panorama is an annual music competition open to both conventional and single pan steel bands in four main categories: Up to musicians rhythmically beat their pan sticks against the steelpans to create infectious music that seems to fuel the desire to dance. Kings and Queens Costume Competition The leaders of masquerade bands, King and Queen costumes can weigh between 50 — lbs.

Costumes are enhanced with lasers, fog, light shows, fireworks and sound effects. In addition, on the night of Dimanche Gras, 10 to 13 calypso singers battle for the title of Calypso Monarch against the defending title holder from the previous year. J’Ouvert The official start of Carnival, J’Ouvert takes place before dawn on Carnival Monday and bands of revellers dressed in old clothes cover themselves in oil, grease, paint, chocolate or mud and dance through the streets till the sun comes up.

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A wide range of hefty tax increases was imposed on the local gaming industry as of yesterday and land and building taxes will return. Howai said TT is not in the position of other countries which lack fiscal space to do anything other than austerity measures and expects to record 1. New tyre imports currently have this duty. After saying this measure will take effect from February 1, , Howai announced there will be a comprehensive and rigorous review of all social welfare programmes in the country to ensure greater efficiency in social expenditure.

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